Evil Has An Ordinary Face

I wish I could say I felt something different when I was in the presence of a mass murderer, handing me a cup of espresso …. Evil has an ordinary face. It laughs, it cries, it deflects, it rationalizes, it makes great pasta.
-James Comey

Image Credit: Nan Palmero, Home Made Pasta, CC flikr 26NOV2011

The Antihero Is A Damaged Person

Only villains are evil – an anithero is a deluded, damaged individual. -David Weisberg

The antihero is not evil. The antihereo may be “exceedingly bright and pleasant to [his] neighbors and colleagues, [his] family, [his] dog” but when he is all alone, he wants to “indulge in the shadows.” He wants to “lie, cheat, [terrorize], abuse, and kill.” He loves to watch someone cower. Empowered by moral exceptionalism, the antihero is not restrained by conscience. When the righteous are repulsed by him and look away – he flourishes in their voluntary blindness.1

### Brandon L. Blankenship

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The Narcissist Loves To Talk About The Narcissist

If you hear a lot of bragging over a long period of time, that’s probably a narcissistic [] speaking. If they are constantly refocusing the conversation back on themselves and all the deals they have won in the past, if they are making exaggerated hand movements, and elevate voice volume, but then you see their eyes glazing over when you speak, you are probably working with narcissistic ….

Posted by: Brandon L. Blankenship

Source: https://www.healthlawyers.org/Events/Programs/Materials/Documents/AM14/qq_bittinger.pdf