The Saddest Part About Securities Enforcement

The saddest part about securities enforcement is that at the end of the day the con artist goes to jail but the investor cannot be made whole. The investor may never get their money back. The investor will never feel the original euphoria they had when they made the investment. The investors’ dreams have been taken. There’s no amount of punishment that an ever be exacted on the con artist that can ever repay all that was lost.

Unsaveable by Faith Hill

Are there some relationships that just can’t be saved?  Some people?  Or does everyone have some redeeming value?  Can everyone be saved?

### Brandon Blankenship, Alabama
### Greg Harrelson, Alabama

Announcing Unmasking Hour

Chip Langford finally made it. From small town farmer to millionaire financier and lawyer, he reached the top. He put his wife through college and served the public as a police officer. He worked his way through law school serving as office manager for a grateful law firm. Local banks and businesses took notice that this hard working attorney, student, and father still managed to invest in and run a small finance company. Planes, boats, exotic trips, expensive gifts…in just a short time, he had it all.

Or so it seemed.

Who was Chip Langford and how did he have so much, so fast? That’s what everyone was asking at the unmasking hour.